Cold Innocence
Name Cold Innocence
Released Summer 2013
Tagline Fall from Heaven

Cold Innocence is the first fragrance by English-Scottish girl group The Laylas and it has an expected release of Summer 2013. The bottle was designed by Mauricio Hernandez and it will be released exclusively in Macy's.



A teaser commercial was released online on April 10, 2013. It features the five girls in pink outfits with pink angel wings walking through a post-apocolyptic setting with the song "Shining" playing in the background. It is the first recorded video with Delilah Byrd having short blonde hair.

Other ProductsEdit

The fragrance will also come with a hair mist, body lotion, and 2 different sizes, all prices differ depending on the package purchased. Some of the products produced were later added, or apart of a limited edition of the fragrance set, or depending on the customers preference of a gift after purchase.

  • 100 ml/ 34 oz
  • 50 ml/ 17 oz
  • Body Lotion 68 oz
  • Hair Mist 50 oz