Shan Hale
Full Name Shannon Eliora Hale
Nickname(s) Shan
Gender Female
Born 26 May 1993 (age 19)
Dorchester, England
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Light Brown
Affiliation The Laylas

Mark Criss

Shannon Eliora "Shan" Hale (born May 26, 1993 in Dorchester, England) is an English singer known for being a former member of the English-Scottish girl group The Laylas

Early LifeEdit

Shannon Hale was born in Dorchester, England and is the middle child of five children. At the age of nine Hale took a liking to singing and decided to start taking singing lessons, it is unknown if she decided to carry on, or taught herself how to sing . Hale had previously attended college in Devon, England until auditiong for The Laylas.


2012-2013: The LaylasEdit

Hale auditioned for The Laylas in mid 2012 after finding out there were open auditions for the group despite being a student at college at the time. She was the third accepted into the group and decided to quit college to work full time in the group, after meeting and getting to know the others she became fast friends. The group's debut album Celestia was released on March 19, 2013. 

Their second studio album, Werewolves + Lullabies is scheduled to be released on June 4, 2013.

She eventually decided to leave the group to purse a career in her favourite hobbie.

Personal LifeEdit

Hale is known to be extremely religious and is a vowed celibate. She had also been caught several times by paparazzi, with Mark Criss, her partner. Hale hasn't revealed much except that she is happily settled. It was announced on the April 30, 2013 that Criss and Hale were engaged. Hale eventually decided to leave The Laylas and purse a career in photography. It was also announced that Hale will also follow the girls on tour and be in charge of the groups tour photographs.


  • She is a Gemini.
  • She is strongly celibate, and refused to sing in "I Can Tell You Want Me" because of its strong sexual themes.
  • She is strongly religious.
  • She is Currently dating.
  • Her favourite artist is a Swedish singer named Loreen and she would love to collaborate with her in the future.
  • The group describes her as "the party girl of the group."
  • She is a mezzo-soprano.
  • She's left-handed along with Delilah Byrd.
  • Is the only member to have quit The Laylas.
  • Is the only member to be in the group for the shortest time.


Year Title Role Notes
2013 Shake It Up Herself Guest starring role